Saint Dinette

A couple months ago, J and I decided to go to Saint Dinette for happy hour with a friend. We had eaten there about a year earlier for brunch and it was a standout, but it always slipped our mind to visit again. Well, we went back and needless to say, a burger and fish churros (sounds weird, but oh man were they amazing) later, we were back again within the month with my parents. With my family, we went all out, we ordered poutine and buffalo cauliflower to start. The poutine was absolutely perfect. The fries were not soggy, the brown gravy was light and not overwhelming and the cheese curds were few and spread throughout evenly. I mean the cauliflower was amazing too, but I still think about that poutine. I rounded out the meal with the hashbrowns with smoked salmon, sour cream, an egg and fish roe. It was the most amazing combination of salty, crunchy and creamy and had such a depth of flavor. I had the opportunity to try everyone’s dish and can safely attest that each and every dish was just as complex and tasty.

J and I returned this past weekend to try out the brunch and it did not disappoint. Starting with the Bloody Mary, which comes with a bagel garnish (!!!) was refreshing and just a bit spicy. I went out of my comfort zone (I am definitely a eggs and bacon girl) and ordered the biscuits and gravy. First of all it came out looking like a work of art with 3 small biscuits topped with a fried egg arranged on a light sausage gravy with garnishes of fried sage leaves. Second of all, it was freaking delicious! It had all the flavor, salty, sweet and savory. There was a drizzle of maple syrup that provided sweetness to cut through the salty biscuits and gravy. It was, all in all an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back again!