Eating a Plant Based Diet

The CDC reported in 2017 that 1 in 10 adults in America meet the daily fruit and vegetable recommendations with the current recommendation being 1.5-2 cups fruit and 2-3 cups vegetables each day. This statistic is a bit disheartening as fruits and veggies have so many great health benefits. These benefits include preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. They are also lower in calories and more nutrient dense than other foods like chips, cookies and granola bars.

After doing an evaluation of our current diet and inspired by my brother, J and I have decided to incorporate more plant based foods into our diet by eating a mostly plant based diet during the weekdays and adding meat to our meals on the weekends. The exceptions for the weekday meals are fish and eggs. Throughout the weeks, I will share my journey, including recipes and meal plans.

To kick off the journey, here are 5 quick ways to incorporate more plant foods into your diet:

  1. Have a side salad with your dinner meal. Build a small salad with mixed greens and shredded carrots and top with your favorite dressing.

  2. Add veggies to your eggs in the morning. Adding mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach to an omelet or scrambled eggs is a great way to start your day off with a boost of nutrition.

  3. Rethink favorite recipes. On the menu for this week are roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos. I will literally eat anything in a taco, it doesn’t need to be limited to beef. That goes for many other dishes like lasagna, pasta dishes, hot dishes, etc. The opportunities are endless!

  4. Throw a piece of fruit in your bag for a mid afternoon pick me up. Fruit such as bananas, oranges and apples are so portable.

  5. Top your yogurt or oatmeal with berries or unsweetened, dried fruit. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and fiber, keeping you full longer.

I recommend starting small. Try to get at least one fruit and one vegetable in each day. If you are wanting to go bigger, you are more than welcome to join me on my journey!